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​​​​Family life is smoother with Direct Debit


Payments Professor Terry is an expert on anything and everything to do with Direct Debit. Terry finds it the smarter way to pay as he knows it can save a substantial amount of money a year on his household bills. He's even worked out that paying bills by Direct Debit gives him up to seven extra hours a year to do the things he enjoys in life. Well, as head of the Bacs Academy, he is a bit of a Professor!


Image of Terry and Sal 

One of the first things Terry and Sal did as a couple was set up a joint bank account. With Terry’s expertise in payments, he knew that it would be easy to switch accounts and transfer his existing Direct Debits to the Smarts’ new bank with no hassle. Visit the account switching website to learn more.

Unfortunately money can be a major cause of disagreements between couples and one of the best ways to take the stress out of day to day finances is by setting up a joint account for regular household bills. Agree how much you will pay in, based on how much each of you earns. Set up Direct Debits for all your regular household expenses, to avoid any debates about who should have paid a red reminder.

Explore the household bills section to discover how Terry and Sal settle theirs. And you can find out more about managing your finances by trying the budget calculat​or.​

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