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​​​​Household bills solved, thanks to Direct Debit

"It's obviously vital to keep up your mortgage payments if you're not to find yourself in arrears, and what better method could there be than Direct Debit?" asks Terry logically.

"With new mortgage offers coming on to the market all the time, this might be a good time to re-mortgage – benefiting from lower monthly repayments," he suggests.

TV licence
Paying for your TV licence by Direct Debit prevents the need to fund a full year's licence in one lump sum. It also avoids the risk of you missing a payment date and falling foul of the TV detector vans.

Utility bills
Paying utility bills by Direct Debit is a win-win solution! You're completely in control - knowing what will go out of your account each month, and when. You also save time spent writing cheques or traipsing to the Post Office. Many major utility companies offer significant discounts on bills paid in this way, so what more could you ask for?

Remember, if you pay the bills by Direct Debit you can often choose the best date for the money to go out of your bank account, usually a couple of days after you get paid. That means you're less likely to go overdrawn and risk bank charges - and you'll never forget to pay a bill on time or argue over who should have paid it.

Telecom bills
Says Sal: "Both our fixed and mobile phone providers encouraged us to pay by Direct Debit. I also know that some of them waive admin charges to those who do, so it's definitely worthwhile asking if there is a discount that you could benefit from."

Council tax
Council tax is a major outgoing and trips to council payment offices are a time consuming affair. Save time by paying via Direct Debit. Just give your council a ring to make the necessary arrangements.​

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