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Enjoy your retirement with the security of Direct Debit

Just because they're comfortable in retirement doesn't mean Bob and Rose Smart don't look after the pennies! In fact they reckon they save a substantial amount a year by paying regular household bills by Direct Debit.

 Image of Bob and Rose

Direct Debit is also the easiest option for businesses. That's why many of them offer discounts to encourage people to pay them in this way. It pays to check when you receive a bill to see how much you might save by paying by Direct Debit.

Says Rose: "We prefer paying bills by Direct Debit because it's a safer and more reliable way to make payments. We avoid going backwards and forwards to the bank or Post Office and we love the way it helps control our outgoings."

Retirement should be one of the best times of your life: no work ties means more time to spend with your family, enjoying your hobbies, or travelling. But it is also a time when your income levels are likely to change and your financial arrangements may have to be re-examined. Taking control of your money is key. Make simple savings wherever possible and reduce your stress levels by examining when and how you pay your bills. That way you will be able to concentrate on what's now important to you.

The more we keep on top of the budgeting, especially in retirement, the more we can relax and enjoy the good things in life. We understand that, so we've developed a special budget​ calculator to help you manage your finances.​

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