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Student accommodation

You are likely to be moving home a number of times during your student life - to both university owned and private accommodation. Find out what is the best option for you by asking for advice from friends and current students at the university you'll attend. Student Union offices are great places for information and advice and they might be able to give you the real low down on what's on offer.

"I'm lucky enough to have friends who already attend my university and I've really picked their brains about the best places to live and how to organise accommodation", says Becky.

When working out how much you can afford, remember to ask which bills are and aren't included within the rent. Council tax, water and utilities like electricity may or may not be included and could make a big difference to your sums.

When searching for a home consider local accommodation agencies as well as advertisements in the press and online. Remember that most landlords will require a deposit as well as the first month's rent up front. Having the funds ready means that you can act quickly when you find the flat or house of your dreams.

Each time you move, remember that you need to plan if you're going to avoid missing important mail and paying unnecessary bills. So make sure that any Direct Debit payments are cancelled or transferred to your new address.

For more information on how to set up a Direct Debit, visit Direct ​Debit explained.

Household accounts with friends
If you are sharing a house with friends then a joint account is a sensible option. Agree in advance how much you'll each pay in and then set up Direct Debits for all of the major household bills. That way there's no falling out because someone's forgotten to pay for the electricity!​

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