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Student life is cooler with Direct Debit

Becky is a typical student. She's enjoying the best time of her life - parties, late nights, new found freedom - but facing inevitable money pressures.

"Mum and dad help and I've got a part-time job but money's still tight," says Becky. "When away at uni most of my cash seems to be sucked into paying for everyday household bills and the rest goes on my mobile phone, car insurance and so on."


Image of Becky 

 "I am a bit disorganised and I've heard about the huge debts that some students leave university with and I’m worried about how I'm going to manage my money."

“Fortunately my parents have helped with some hints and tips, particularly how Direct Debit can help me spread the cost of major bills. I have to agree with dad that setting up Direct Debits has helped me. I don't worry about forgetting to pay and I do find the whole experience hassle free."

To find out more about managing your finances why not try our budget calculator?

Some bank accounts offer special rates, facilities and features for students. If you choose to switch accounts, the process is simple. Visit the ac​count switching website to learn more.​

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