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Budget calculator

This quick and easy tool will help you manage your finances by calculating your monthly disposable income! Simply fill in the form below. Don't worry about £ and "p" signs (if it's £20.50p just put 20.50) and leave any fields blank that are not applicable to you. Then hit the "calculate disposal income" button for your answer.

Monthly income
Your take home pay £
Your partner's take home pay £
Other income £
Total monthly income £ 0.00
Monthly expenses
Mortgage/rent £
Council tax/service charge £
Gas/electricity/water £
Telephone(s) £
TV licence/digital TV £
Internet £
Household maintenance £
Day to day expenses and leisure
Clothes £
Food/drink £
Alcohol/tobacco £
Recreation/entertainment/hobbies £
Holidays £
Public transport £
Car expenses £
Child maintenance £
Childcare/education/school fees £
Pets £
Insurance & pensions
Home/contents insurance £
Life assurance/medical insurance £
Pensions £
Other insurances £
Loans/hire purchase repayments £
Credit card/store card repayments £
Regular savings/investments £
Cash payments £
Other £
Total monthly expenses £ 0.00
Disposable income £ 0.00
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