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​​​​​​Social responsibility

We believe it’s important to think about and understand the impact our business has on the wider world, and to make sure any effects we create are positive or, at the very least, as close to neutral as it is possible for us to make them.

We have signed up to a CSR Charter which guides the way we engage with our environment, our employees, our community, and our suppliers, based on four principles:

We value our Environment

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact – we are recognised as a carbon neutral business by the Carbon Trust - and we are working to improve our environmental performance even further. We take our responsibility to operate our business in a sustainable manner extremely seriously and we encourage all of our stakeholders to do the same.

We value our Employees

We are an inclusive organisation: we are committed to fairness, equality of opportunity and diversity in all of our employment practices, our policies and our procedures.  It is important to us that we have a healthy and educated workforce whose views are listened to and respected.  We nurture ambition and work hard to ensure that all employees are able to develop the skills and knowledge to enrich their contribution and help them carve their own career path.

We value our Community

We will continue to build mutually supportive relationships with the wider community, on both a national and a local level. We are already actively involved in charitable giving and encourage our staff to engage in this process, and our team takes part in volunteering days on a regular basis.

We value our Suppliers

We aim to develop healthy and mutually beneficial business relationships which are built on shared views of corporate and communal responsibility, and on trust. We are also committed to making sure that all of our suppliers have good business ethics and that they meet the standards we feel are important.

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