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Welcome to the home of Direct Debit, the UK's favourite way to make payments automatically. We're here to help, to explain all the benefits of Direct Debit and to help solve any problems for you. 


An email claiming Direct Debit payments to British Gas have been declined is a new phishing scam. Recipients are warned not to click on any links but, instead, forward the message to British Gas owner Centrica at​

The phishing email reads: “Your bank has declined the latest direct debit payment. British Gas wants to inform you that your last payment of £27.98 GBP has been declined. Something’s gone wrong with your direct debit payments. Your bank has been declined the latest Direct Debit payment. If you don’t keep up with your payments, you risk becoming disconnected. Please follow the procedure and check your information by clicking the 'Check Details' button.” 

Practical advice to avoid being caught out by phishing emails can be found here.

​Direct Debit is the simplest way to pay your household bills. Find out how it works, the benefits and the safeguards that will help you manage your finances effectively. >>More




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