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A Direct Debit payment has been collected and you don't recognise the organisation


A Direct Debit Instruction should be set up as outlined in Making payments. When the arrangements are in place you should receive advance notice confirming when the payments will be collected and how much they will be. The advance notice will also advise the name of the organisation that will appear on your bank or building society statement – it is advisable to check this to confirm the details are correct.

If a Direct Debit payment is taken and you don’t recognise the name of the organisation then follow these guidelines.

Review any purchases or agreements for services you've entered into recently. Sometimes the name of the organisation taking the Direct Debit may not match that of the organisation you contracted with (e.g. some purchases are paid for on finance and it may be the finance company which collect the payments by Direct Debit).

Contact your bank or building society and ask to see a copy of the Direct Debit Instruction, which your bank should have access to within 7 working days. Whilst the copy is being obtained you are entitled to an immediate refund of the amount debited from your bank or building society under the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Should you confirm that the Direct Debit Instruction is bona fide your bank will re-debit your account:
If the Direct Debit Instruction cannot be provided or, following production you still do not recognise the organisation, your bank or building society will cancel the Direct Debit Instruction and reclaim the refunded amount from the organisation.

As Direct Debit is purely a method of payment, which does not affect any underlying contract that may exist, the organisation may contact you to resolve any outstanding issues.

Should your bank or building society fail to provide a refund under the terms of the Guarantee:
If your claim falls within the scope of the Guarantee, and your bank or building society has failed to provide a refund, then you should contact them again in writing, escalating the communication to your branch manager or customer service manager and cite the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Should the matter still not be resolved:
Refer to our How to complain

Letter templates

We have developed a library of useful letter templates to aid your correspondence with your bank or building society and the organisation with which you have a Direct Debit. 

Template of a letter to your bank in the event that a Direct Debit has been collected and the organisation is not recognised​ (25 KB)

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