Managing Direct Debits

No, other than making sure you have enough money in your account when the payment is due. It is a good idea to check all of your Direct Debits on your bank account regularly. This is to make sure all of your payments are being made as you expect, and that you haven’t forgotten to cancel a Direct Debit you don’t need any more.

If that’s what you’ve agreed with the organisation you’re paying, yes. But payments can also be made weekly, quarterly, or annually, or even as and when they’re needed, so it all depends on what you and the billing organisation have agreed.

If a payment is due to be collected at a weekend or on a Bank Holiday, it will be collected the next working day unless the organisation you’re paying tells you in advance that there’ll be a change of date.

If the amount you owe, the frequency the money needs to be collected, or the payment date changes, the organisation you’re paying must let you know in advance, giving you time to get in touch with them if you need to.

First step is to speak to your bank or building society.