​Inactive Direct Debits

This is covered by the dormancy period rule. All banks or building societies hold details of Direct Debit Instructions on file for a minimum period of 24 months from its lodgement date, in the event of no collections, or from the date of the last payment. After the dormancy period has passed, the bank or building society will remove details of the Instruction from their system. Before claiming further Direct Debit payments the organisation must obtain a new Direct Debit Instruction or your authority to continue collecting. If this is not done your Direct Debit payment may be returned by your bank or building society.

The dormancy period rule was introduced as a safeguard to protect payers from Direct Debit Instructions being live on their account indefinitely. So if you should forget to cancel a Direct Debit it will be removed from the bank’s or building society's system after the dormancy period has lapsed.

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